Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Forward Monday

Hello my blogger friends. I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I have been living in pain for the last month. My thoughts and prayers go to those who live in constant pain. I just can't even begin to imagine. The past month has been very humbling!

I cracked my tooth about 5 weeks ago. My fear of the dentist had me waiting three weeks before I had it checked out. Last week, my dentist drilled it and the tooth broke off. He was pretty sure he had gotten all the crack, so he refilled it and sent me on my way. Well, after the numbing went away I found out that he DID NOT get the crack. He had drilled, and refilled the tooth, packing the filling into the crack. Next day he told me that he could not guarantee that a root canal would work. I didn't want to spend lots of $$$ and end up loosing the tooth anyway, so I went to an oral surgeon and had the tooth pulled. I'm still not back 100%!! All the work done those two days left my other teeth so sensitive. I'm praying really hard that I have no permanent damage done to those nerves.

Hey, but looking on the bright side......I'VE LOST 8 POUNDS!!!!!



  1. Ouch! I really sympathize! Last Easter I had a routine filling done only to end up with a horrible abscess and the pain was awful!
    I hope you're well on the way to feeling much better!
    Best wishes

  2. Thanks Christine!!

    I can only imagine an abscess. I've heard that is awful. Wow, and with a routine filling. OUCH!!!