Monday, January 11, 2010

HELLO January!!!

Well - I had planned on doing a better job of posting on my blog. Maybe starting today I will do just that. Being a mom sure is a hard job. You my children have grown, I actually thought juggling would be easier, but it seems it is just the opposite. I think my grown son assumes we have a motel here. He eats, sleeps and showers here and it is so seldom that we get to spend time with him. Between working, going to class & hanging with his friends - It feels like the beginning of the empty nest, but I still have his laundry!!! And it seems I'm just the Taxi Driver for my daughter.

Oh well....I really am going to have a hard time with the empty nest thing!!

Here are some Valentine Heart Ornaments I've been working on. They turned out really cute, and I added them to the shop yesterday. What do you think?


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